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2022 closing date
6th May 2022

Shine Awards 2022
27th June 2022

Feedback from schools

“The Shine Awards were the incentive my school needed to put the structure in place to publish an award-winning magazine.

Without Shine, there would have been no magazine; no meetings with professional publishers exploring the process of how a magazine comes to life; no in-depth discussions about content; no platform for creative writing, satire and fashion shoots; no all-school vote for a name; no inspiration for graphics, and photography; no incentive to write business plans; no reason for students to ‘step up’ and call suppliers looking for sponsorship; no late nights with creative juices running; no bitten fingernails hoping it would all come together; no special ‘backs-against-the-wall’ bond built between Media, Business and English faculties; no visit to the printers; no celebration when visions of what might be became a reality; no accolades for a school in R.I; no growth in self-confidence, skill-sets and belief. No recognition where recognition can be transformative.

“The award was the catalyst for an invaluable process where leaders emerged and hidden talent was exposed. It helped students and teachers bond in the special way that is the dream when teachers start teaching. It helped students who had little self-belief grown and blossom in unexpected ways. It helped confident students learn how to share that confidence and work as a team. It helped teach the value of deadlines, personal responsibility and perseverance.

“It helped prepare students for life.”

Andy Rice, Teacher


“Working on The Galley magazine has taught me so much, from how to create a magazine to working effectively in a team. It was to my great surprise, after 5 years of work, when I was Highly Commended in the Most Outstanding Pupil category of the Shine School Media Awards.

“It was a great honour, and the trip to London was fantastic; being able to see all of the other publications was both inspiring and encouraging. I have no doubt that it made us work even harder this year!

“The workshops were also great, and the copyright one which I attended taught me lots which I was able to put into use this year.”

Tom Keely, Dollar Academy
Highly Commended, Most Outstanding Pupil


“I was extremely honoured to be recognised as one of the Highly Commended students in the Most Outstanding Pupil category.

“The whole journey the rest of the contributors and I went through, from editing the magazine, to travelling to Stationers’ Hall for the awards ceremony, was an incredibly rewarding end to a lot of hard work put in by all of those who helped make the magazine the success that it was. The whole process was also a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience for me personally.

“The design skills I had to learn in order to create this edition of the magazine have proved incredibly useful throughout the Art Foundation course I completed this year and will definitely be utilised even more as I undertake an Illustration degree and prepare for a career in the print industry.”

Tom Willis, St Olave’s Grammar School
Highly Commended Most Outstanding Pupil


“Winning Most Inspirational Teacher last year was a real honour and being part of the day was a great experience for both myself and my students.

“I think that the Shine Awards are a great showcase for the hard work being undertaken by both students and teachers alike. Stationers’ Hall was a great location and being able to engage with industry professionals provided a great opportunity to learn more about the publishing industry.

“The award has had a lasting impact and is something that I am asked about often by my colleagues and friends. I am thankful for the opportunity that Shine has given me to share my work and I hope that it has the same positive impact on this year’s winner.”

John Branney, DLD College
Most Inspirational Teacher


“A prestigious award, supported by many important companies within the field of publishing and journalism.

“When we saw the other entries, we were worried ours looked less professional or serious. Winning the award for Best Magazine was therefore a real surprise, but also brilliant validation for the students. They did it their way, and had great fun doing it. For esteemed judges to approve was amazing!”

Fiona Steward, Teacher at Colyton Grammar School


“For us, above anything else, it was a validation.

“We set up the magazine essentially by ourselves, and we liked what we had done, but we didn’t know if anyone else would like it, and by winning this national competition, it gave us a sense that what we were doing was a good thing.

“It gave us the motivation to keep at it.”

Jonathan Steward, Colyton Grammar School


“We never imagined we’d arrive at a glitzy awards ceremony in London having reached the final shortlist.

“A great experience — we’ve already registered for next year!”

Jasmine Pentleton, Duchess’s High School, Northumberland

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