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Hello again,

At the Shine School Media Awards, we understand that schools must adapt to the realities of teaching and the economy and are always looking for ways to contribute. Translation: we understand you want to help your students; you might not always have the resources to do so.

Our competition is free for any school to enter, thanks to the generosity of the companies and charitable foundations that support us. Students who enter Shine are inevitably voracious readers, whether as part of the school curriculum or beyond it. To state the obvious, books cost money and cuts to school funding mean many children don’t have access to well-stocked libraries. Many don’t get to experience the magic of reading that may well have made you a reader for life.

So this year, we’re teaming up with LoveReading4Kids, a programme which has created a way to redress that shortfall; an easy way to share the magic of reading through supporting a school close to your heart – simply by buying the books you’d have bought for Christmas gifts anyway, through their bookstore, a platform with social purpose.

LoveReading MD Deborah Maclaren explains,

“At LoveReading4Kkids we’re thrilled to be associated with the Shine School Media Awards.

Our platform works like this: when you buy a physical book from LoveReading or LoveReading4Kids, 25% of the cover price can be donated to a school of your choice. For eBooks, 15% will be donated. When you checkout, you can select your chosen school, which can spend their funds on LoveReading or LoveReading4Kids.

Christmas is an ideal time to get involved when you’d be buying a gift anyway.

Do please spread the word, get involved and fundraise for your school.”

I am excited to tell you that Deborah is going to be a judge at next year’s awards and tells me she can’t wait to see your entries.

Before I go, back to Shine quickly: if you have completed your Autumn Term edition of a newspaper, podcast or magazine, drop us a line. Register by emailing, then our entry form will be launching in early January.

Til next week,

Chair of Shine