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Reflections on the Shine Awards – by Vivianne Zhang Wei

This week we held our first in-person Shine Awards since the summer of 2019. It was unusual – not merely away from an under-renovation Stationers’ Hall but also a special winners lunch where everyone knew they’d won. But we did it and the joy in the beautiful room at the Guildhall where we met, at being together and celebrating young talent, was palpable.

Before the lunch, Vivianne Zhang Wei, our winner of Editor of the Year 2020, spoke to the guests about her time since winning. This is what she said…

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The 2021 Shine Awards are announced

Today we announce the winners of the Shine School Media Awards 2021.

With an in-person awards ceremony off the cards for another year, Shine Chair Alison Strachan introduces the awards alongside Deputy Chair Richard Chapman, in a virtual announcement from London Live Studios.

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Ask the expert: sustainability in print and paper

Our final Ask the Expert video is on ‘Sustainability in Print and Paper’ where Martyn Eustace from TwoSides, a body whose common goal is to promote the sustainability of the graphic communications supply chain, talks to four young ladies from Ecclesbourne School about how to achieve the ‘Best Sustainability Initiative’ in their school.

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Ask the expert: photography

Today I would like to share our penultimate Ask the Expert video, which concerns the category of Best Photographer.

Thalia from Tarporley Sixth Form School interviews Lucy Young, a freelance photojournalist whose work has ranged from covering the liberation of Libya, to royal events. Lucy offers insight on carving a career in press photography and gives some clear and concise advice on capturing events.

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Ask the expert: design and layout & all about sub-editing

First Friday of the new term and here is something for the weekend from Shine.

These interviews involve two of our Shine committee members. Firstly, from Richard Chapman, who is deputy chair of the Shine committee, a thoughtful discussion with Sam Penrose from Abingdon School about Design and Layout.

The second deals with an extremely important element for all of the students out there producing magazines and newspapers, whether in print or online: sub-editing. Vivianne Wei, Editor of the Year 2020, interviews Katherine Whitbourn, national sub-editor and journalist for the Guardian and other newspapers.

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Ask the expert: social media & great newspapers

Before launching our next two videos, I would like to alert you to the Shine closing date for entries, which is May 8th. This is the time to decide which categories you will be entering, honing those entry forms and getting them in.

To continue our mission to help your teams, I have today two more Ask the Expert videos for your delectation: getting on top of social media and understanding what makes a great newspaper.

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