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Join our school media project masterclasses for teachers

Hello everyone,

This is one of those weeks that I can’t wait to write to everyone and let you know about an amazing opportunity that my team have dreamed up.

We know that in many cases, school media projects are driven solely by students themselves. However we also know that teacher guidance is key to help students, particularly when beginning a project and pulling together a team. Then, inevitably their learning on the job can run out of steam and some encouragement and top-down, big-picture perspective is needed.

However, we also know that for many teachers, being a guiding editor, offering assistance on podcast editing, or even where some student skill-sets might suit different roles in an editorial team – is outside their own experience.

So with this in mind, we would like to offer teachers their own masterclass in guiding students putting together a newspaper, magazine or digital edition. Held over Zoom, with several teachers at a time, these would be held with our crack team of Dr Glenda Cooper, Deputy Head of the Journalism Department at City, University of London and Dr Sharon Maxwell Magnus, Head of Media Group, Principal Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Hertfordshire.

So, if you’re interested… send us an email with some information about your students’ project and we will take it from there. There are only limited places available for these initial sessions, but if they are a success we will repeat them in the future.

Closing date for expressions of interest is Tuesday 23rd January, 2024.

This week’s other news is that I am very happy to say that the 2024 Shine School Media Awards entry form is now LIVE on the website for schools that have registered with us and completed their projects.

If you’ve not registered, just drop us a line at

Til next time,

Chair of Shine