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Love writing, love reading

This year, we’re teaming up with LoveReading4Kids, a programme which has created a way to redress that shortfall; an easy way to share the magic of reading through supporting a school close to your heart – simply by buying the books you’d have bought for Christmas gifts anyway, through their bookstore, a platform with social purpose.

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Big news about a NEW award in 2024

This week I have news which is a bit of a game-changer for next year’s awards. I’ve been talking for a few months to Doug Wills. He’s the Editor Emeritus of the London Evening Standard and Chair of the London Press Club. Keen to help schools and encourage the next generation of journalists, we’ve agreed that the London Press Club is going to back Shine by sponsoring a new award.

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The journey from blank screen to winning

This past week I made a speech telling a room full of people at our second annual ‘Shine Alumni’ event how excited I was about students who enter the Shine Awards.

And it’s true: that energy and inventiveness is inspiring. I want to share what I told the people that room, in the hope it inspires a new school year to do just the same to create a media project this coming year.

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Giving your students a head start

Looking out of the window today, the leaves are yellow, Halloween and bonfire night has been and gone, and we’re into the second half of the Autumn Term. Amid such a busy time of year I’m hoping your school media projects are hitting their stride. What did you decide to do? A full magazine focussing on student life this year? A series of pieces focussing on local issues? Maybe a podcast about the school football team?

As a massive fan of students’ emerging creativity, I can’t wait to find out what they’re writing about. When we judge the Awards, we find students always look forward, beyond what the media are covering today, telling us ‘what’s next’ and what the future holds.

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Your creative students will defeat AI

Almost exactly a year ago, the San Francisco-based technology company OpenAI launched ChatGPT. In the time since, it’s become the fastest growing consumer software application in history. It’s an amazing invention, yet in the world of education has caused untold headaches. To cite the most obvious example, we know from our conversations with teachers, not least those on our committee, that it’s very difficult to tell the difference between AI generated homework submissions from students who’ve truly strived. That’s depressing!

At the Shine School Media Awards, our competition is founded on originality. We love discovering tomorrow’s talent: the young voices who will shape the journalism and creative industries of the future.

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Centering your students: writing from their experiences

Sometimes the best way of finding common ground with others is by telling them how we feel. A school magazine, podcast or newspaper can be a forum in the Roman sense: a print or digital ‘town square’ where students are truly heard. It’s a unique opportunity to bring their stories to life.

I recall a winning entry from two years ago by student writer Hilary Hanslin whose piece, “Don’t touch my hair” caused a sensation with the Shine School Media Award judges, winning Best writer for a non-fiction piece.

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