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Free lesson plan download: ‘Writing Newspaper Articles’

In my last post I told you about our Shine roadshow in Skipton, and how useful and informative it was to hear about journalism from the horse’s mouth, or horses’ mouths (so to speak), but it’s worth pointing out that we do have a lot of practical guidance and information on our website here.

You will find top tips on sub-editing, writing, layout and design, copyright law, photography and so on; enough material to create a whole project of lesson plans, or to form the structure of an extra-curricular activity.

Take sub-editing for example – this activity could feed into English lessons on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary – and is a fun way to do it. ‘Marking’ is something I loved to do when I was a child (OK, I was strange), but to go through a piece with a red pen would be a lot of fun for most, turning the tables on the teacher, and seeking out errors. This is in fact one of the activities that winning students do at the prize of a day’s workshop at TES.

This week on our lovely website we have also uploaded a lesson plan on writing newspaper articles supplied to us by our good friends Laura and Lynsey from Young Writers.

We want to make setting up a school newspaper or magazine as easy as possible and believe that once a framework and tools are given to students, they will be inspired to run with it. The school as well as the students stand to benefit from this initiative, as a strong magazine indicates a strong sense of community, and a strong school ethos.

If you are still thinking about getting your students involved, it’s not too late. We open entries from January, and the closing date is not until the beginning of May so there is plenty of time. And if you need any help we are here to answer any questions.

More next time on our next Shine Roadshow…

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