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Shine’s February update

Hello again from Shine,

In these challenging times we all need a ray of sunShine (you see what I did there), and I hope that your student projects are gaining momentum and offering interest, joy and excitement to all involved.

The aim of the Shine competition is to encourage and reward communication skills, and this year’s designated topic is…

‘Freedom of speech’

Any form of media with a message can be entered into this category, whether it be a broadcast, a feature, a cartoon or photograph… however each student wants to express their views is viable here.

And as the projects take shape and gain momentum, this is a little reminder that the entry deadline is set for 5th May.

For those who have it wrapped up and ready to go now, I am pleased to announce that the Entry Form is now LIVE!

Register now if you haven’t already done so, and any questions, please get in touch with Anneliese at

Till next time,

Chair of the Shine Committee