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Your creative students will defeat AI

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Almost exactly a year ago, the San Francisco-based technology company OpenAI launched ChatGPT. In the time since, it’s become the fastest growing consumer software application in history.

It’s an amazing invention, yet in the world of education has caused untold headaches. To cite the most obvious example, we know from our conversations with teachers, not least those on our committee, that it’s very difficult to tell the difference between AI generated homework submissions from students who’ve truly strived. That’s depressing!

At the Shine School Media Awards, our competition is founded on originality. We love discovering tomorrow’s talent: the young voices who will shape the journalism and creative industries of the future.

The ways 2024 Shine entrants choose to express those could never be generated by AI. The most obvious example is our award for Best Writer – both fiction and non fiction. But I’m thinking here beyond writing into our Best Photograph category where students in this year’s awards created a fashion story from second hand clothes they found in charity shops. Entries for Best Cartoon lampoon events in school or find a bold visual such as drawing world leaders as the figures on playing cards.

The weakness of AI is that it only works to generate words and work with what’s already in existence. I believe students of today can find a voice stronger and more distinctive than that. Perhaps that can be at the core of the challenge you set students as they create a school magazine, newspaper, podcast or multimedia project. I am convinced they can do it and want you to help prove me right!

But where to begin?
Did you know that the Shine School Media Awards website is full of helpful advice for students as they create their Shine projects?

Early registrations for our 2024 competition are open now, and you have any questions please contact Anneliese at the office –

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